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The Legend of Edgar on X1000

Today I wanted to take a look at an interesting game called The Legend of Edgar for AmigaOS4 on the X1000.

This game is released by Parallel Realities, and a recently released updated version is available for free download on .

It is a platform game, but unlike many platform games it has a lot to it - it has a number of challenges to overcome, keys and items to find, objects and people to interact with, tasks to do to progress into the game and some thinking involved! Let's dive in!

After downloading and extracting the game from OS4Depot, you will see the following folder contents:

The readme explains a little more about the game, but no tricky things to install to get started with the game:

Also, the game does not appear to need Warp3D, so it can run on the X1000 without the Dual Display Radeon 9250 setup I have for Warp3D games, and supports running in full screen or window modes. (this can be set in the options menu in the game itself)

After running the game, …

New Backgrounds for X1000

Today DJ Nick released some new HD Wallpaper backgrounds for AmigaOS4.

Given it has been a while since I have changed my workbench background, it was a good opportunity
to do so today!

I have included some workbench screen grabs using two of the new backgrounds on my X1000 (click to expand):

You can get these at

I am glad DJ Nick continues to release new backgrounds, as they keep the look of the X1000 fresh!

Please keep them coming!