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Project Starfighter on X1000

Today I took a look at a recently released game for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition on my AmigaOne X1000 called Project: Starfighter!

This is an interesting shoot-em-up game by Parallel Realities (ported by AmigaBlitter), which you can download from here.

After downloading an extracting there are a few more files you need to also download in order for the game to run.

You need to download libfreetype.lha from and from the extracted drawer (I extracted it to RAM:), use the shell to copy the Freetype2/SDK/local/newlib/lib/ to SOBJS:

Then you need to download three more .so files from this Google Drive repository here.

Copy these three updated SDL2 lib .so files into the SOBJS: location using the shell.

Last but not least from the shell you need to assign SF: to the drawer where you extracted the Project Starfighter archive on your system. Add this assign to the s:user-startup so you don't have to do it again.

Ok, now we can launch the game from i…

Prisma Megamix and X-Surf 100 on A4000

My apologies for the delay in blog posts but work has been very busy lately and I have had very little free time. This week though I took delivery of the Prisma Megamix music card (A-EON) and X-Surf 100 (Individual Computers) and was very keen to try out both on my Amiga 4000!

As you are no doubt aware, the Prisma Megamix has been a long time coming - over 2 years in fact. The software needed a re-write by a new developer apparently which delayed things considerably. But it is now here (available at AmigaKit) for GBP76 so lets take a look at it:

It comes with a main Zorro card for big box Amiga systems (with a clock port for connection to Amiga 1200 and clock port enabled Amiga's as well).

There is a CDDA and optional SPDIF optical connector, neither of which can be used at the present time. On the right hand side is the connector for the audio connectors, which are mounted on a frame to connect to the A1200 expansion slot or a standard PC expansion frame to connect to an expansio…