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How to get Delitracker working on X1000 under AmigaOS4

Today I wanted to share with you how to get Delitracker working on the X1000 under AmigaOS4.

For those who may not be aware, Delitracker is a AmigaOS 3.x program which is used to play Amiga (and other PC format) module song files. Most commercial Amiga games prior to 2000 used modules for the in game music. If you don't know what a module song or how to make them using a Tracker is, then this Wikipedia entry will bring you up to speed!

On the Amiga, there were many different types of module files like MOD (Protracker, Soundtracker, etc), MED, CUSTOM, FollinPlayer(TF), TFMX, JCB, DW, OLDW and dozens more. 

The issue is further complicated by Amiga modules being compressed to save more space (Powerpacker, XPK, etc) which required a decompression routine built into the module player to play them back!

On the PC there were also S3M, MTM, XM, ImpulseTracker (IT) formatted modules and many others too.

Delitracker supported nearly all these Amiga module formats, the PC module formats and …

Inside my X1000 and how to add/configure a new 500Gb Sata Disk under AmigaOS4

I decided to install an additional spare 500GB Sata Hard Disk in my AmigaOne X1000 to gain more space and a backup OS partition on a separate disk. (Actually the drive came originally from my Sam440EP which died a long time ago)

This meant for the first time today I opened the case on my X1000!

I wanted to share with you all what is involved in this process, and some very interesting things I found while doing it!

First I opened up the X1000 and took a few photos inside, starting with the side cover off:

Next you can see the PA6T Processor with CPU cooler and two memory slots filled on each side. I noted that a lot of hot glue has been used on most of the cable connectors and expansion cards to (presumably) stop them moving in transit to Australia.

I am pleased to note the power supply supports 100-240V, so it can work in Australia (240V) or Japan (100V) which is good for me.

Next you can see the CF card slot and Motherboard "Nemo" v2.1 designation. You can use the CF slot t…

How to change default picture viewer from Multiview to LoView on X1000

By default on the AmigaOne X1000, the default picture viewer for JPG, BMP, PNG files (amongst others) is Multiview.

Multiview is based on datatypes to view pictures, and to be honest is hardly feature rich. It displays pictures ok (like the picture of my Amiga 4000T as below), but it is limited for what I want.

LoView is a great program for viewing/saving/renaming images, works full screen or window, rotates photos, supports slideshows, thumbnails and also quickly flicking through all photos in a folder from the first photo opened in that photo - no need to open individually. This is standard fare in Windows and Mac land, but on Amiga Multiview doesn't do this. Like Multiview, LoView can also be used in the dock. LoView is free for personal use and is available on

However, Multiview is set as default for viewing pictures in AmigaOS4. How do we change this to something like LoView?

The answer lies in the deficons. This requires some explanation to understand, but I…