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M.A.C.E on X1000

Today I take a look at the recently released M.A.C.E by AmiBoing for AmigaOS4 on the AmigaOne X1000.

Amiboing had a busy 2012, releasing a lot of new games on AmigaOS4, and I have covered many of them in my blog.

This year they have been quieter, with M.A.C.E the first game release of theirs for 2013. The game is available for purchase from or you can buy a packaged product from .

M.A.C.E is shoot em up in the Classic Amiga gaming tradition. There are the normal power ups and a plethora of enemies to shoot at.

After you download and install the game, you will have a folder similar to the below:

The config program allows you to adjust the games settings to display full screen or window, and other settings too, as shown below:

For X1000 owners, you want to be using 1920x1080 and the other settings as above.

For owners of slower NextGen Amigas like Sam 440ep and Sam 460, Amiboing includes some recommended settings to set in the Config program for best performanc…

MihPhoto on X1000

Today I wanted to take a look at an application called MihPhoto, based on the Qt 4.7 framework, recently released on AmigaOS4 on the X1000.

MihPhoto is a picture preview and display application, ported to AmigaOS4 by Frank Ruthe. You can download it from MihPhoto is apparently touch ready, but of course the Amiga very much isn't as yet! Nonetheless using the mouse or keyboard works well for normal use on the X1000.

The application needs Qt 4.7 framework installed (also available on MihPhoto does not however need 3D acceleration, and so it will work fine on the standard X1000 Radeon HD card.

When the program launches it prompts for you to click to show the icon based menu, as below:

The left-most icon opens a file or folder, the next is the thumbnail viewer. Following this is the expand option to show the menu/full screen, Settings, Navigate Next/Previous Photo, and various zoom and rotate options. The last icon quits the program.

At the bottom is a zoo…

Qt 4.7 on X1000

Today I wanted to take a look at the recently released Qt 4.7 framework for AmigaOS4 on the X1000.

So what is Qt? Qt is an application framework that is used by programmers to write applications for the modern platforms of today, like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, amongst others.

You can find more information about Qt on Wikipedia entry here if you want to learn more about Qt.

Qt framework has been used for some well known applications such as Google Earth, Skype, VLC Media Player, and VirtualBox, amongst others.

This presents some exciting application porting possibilities into the future on AmigaOS with the availability of the Qt framework.

Qt is a free download and is available on A number of programs have already been ported to AmigaOS and I will cover some of the applications released so far.

Note 7/10: QT Quickfix7 has been released to patch QT to the latest version with many bug fixes. It is available to download from here. I have written a separate blog entry h…