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Mini-Game Review - GEMZ on X1000

Today I am looking at a new game called GEMZ for the X1000 under AmigaOS4. The game is written by Fabio Falcucci and Pascal Papara. It is also available on other platforms like AROS, MorphOS, Windows and Mac. It was written using the Hollywood development package.

The game is essentially a Puzzle game where the objective is to get rid of all the tiles in the centre of the game field. This is done by clicking on the tiles around the edge of the gameplay areas which horizontally or vertically can slide into a tile in the centre of the game field.

As tiles are moved from the outside of the game field they are replaced with another tile of a random colour.

When two or more tiles of the same colour in the game field touch, they are removed from the game and your score is increased.

There is a timer for each level. When your time expires, your score is quickly reduced until it reaches zero. Once it reaches zero the game is over.

It is quite a challenging game and I got through the first few…

AmiCygnix 1.2 Upgrade and Audacious on X1000

This week there was the new release of AmiCygnix 1.2 Base and Tools packages on In addition there was also the release of the Audacious Music player for the new version of AmiCygnix 1.2!

Keen to try both out on my X1000, I downloaded the hefty AmiCygnix 1.2 base and tools packages, extracted to RAM and got started with the AmiCygnix Base installation:

I previously covered my installation of the older AmiCygnix 1.1 in a blog entry here. So this will be an upgrade installation which may not be that helpful if you don't have AmiCygnix installed already, since the installer asks a lot more questions on a fresh installation.

As with the earlier 1.1 version it uses a standard Amiga Installer. I will step through the screens to show what to expect, the first few screens are fairly standard:

A screen pops up to gave you some warning that you need a decent amount of hard disk space and that Amicygnix should be installed on a SFS or higher filesystem. In other words, not to in…

Wireless Attempt on Amiga X1000

I decided to try getting back into some hardware stuff on my AmigaOne X1000 this weekend.

I have been looking at the success people have been having with getting PCI Wireless cards to work with AmigaOS 4 using the prism2 driver on and I decided to give it a go myself.

I should advise from the outset that this project is not successful as yet, but I learnt a lot along the way and wanted to share my adventures trying to get it working in case it helps someone else.

As covered previously, to add a PCI card to the X1000 requires a PCI-e to PCI adapter because all the PCI slots in the X1000 are already in use. These adapters are very cheap on Ebay and I got my second one this week which is the reason for the delay in blog posts. The first PCI-e adapter runs my Ethernet PCI Card on the X1000.

I already have a NetGear 311 PCI adapter which according to the documentation should be supported so I have everything I need to get started!

After unwrapping the PCI-e to PCI adapter ca…