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Sometimes life takes a unexpected turn.

Unfortunately I have some non-AmigaOne X1000 news which will have a hopefully temporary effect on this blog.

Personally we have had some bad news - my wife has been diagnosed with cancer and it has turned our world upside down recently.

I still enjoy my AmigaOne X1000 and I will continue this blog when I have time to do so, but as I hope you can appreciate, it will slow down now while I am totally focused on my wife's cancer surgery, treatments and supporting her recovery over the coming months.

Thanks for your patience, and I am really sorry in advance that the updates will slow down. I wanted you all to know why it is happening - it is not because of a lack of interest in the Amiga scene. I still enjoy it more than ever!

UADE Plugin for TuneNet on X1000

I am very excited today because there has finally been a release of a UADE (Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator) and a UADE TuneNet plugin!

It is called uade.lha and is available on I believe UADE port and the TuneNet plugin were ported to X1000 by Fredrik Wikstrom. Thank you very much for this plugin - you made my day!

Up until now I have had to use a very old version of Delitracker on the X1000 to play Amiga custom modules. It needed a lot of configuration to get it working properly and still isn't perfect, as detailed in my previous blog entry here!

UADE is command line based player and I have been hopefully waiting for a TuneNet UADE plugin to make it much nicer to use! And now it is here!

It means that I can finally play most of the Amiga custom formats using TuneNet's UADE plugin now, as shown below!

It has an installer which installs UADE into the folder of your choice, and adds a UADE: assign to that location in your s:user-startup file (I picked Sys:util…

MIDI using Edirol USB and MIDI Keyboard on the X1000

Today I wanted to take a quick look at playing back MIDI music on real MIDI hardware on the X1000.

For those who don't know what MIDI is, this wikipedia entry will help get you up to speed!

Back in the early 1990's I used to use a MIDI Yamaha PSS-51 keyboard connected to a MIDI device using the parallel port of my Amiga 2000. I then used a MIDI sequencer called Sequencer One, a free program on an Amiga Format coverdisk. It worked really well and I enjoyed playing with it to make songs and playback midi songs using my Amiga!

Fast forward to 2010, and I bought a Edirol UM-1X USB MIDI device for my Macbook Pro to connect my original Yamaha PSS-51 Midi keyboard to a modern day sequencer called Reason 4 (now I use Reason 5).

With the recent purchase of the AmigaOne X1000, it got me thinking about whether I could set up the X1000 to use the UM-1X USB MIDI device and keyboard with a AmigaOS4 MIDI sequencer.

It turns out I could, as shown below!

To do this set up I needed to download …