Friday 24 October 2014

Amiwest 2014 Programming Seminar Day 1

Today is my first full day here in Sacramento for Amiwest 2014!

Quite a few people are here already and luckily I have already spent quite a bit of time catching up at dinner and breakfast with people I had only met online before.

Enough of that though, here is some photos from the setting up of the programmers seminar.

Eliyahu has his Pegasos 2 here:

Sacc-dude setup is an Amigaone xe G4 800mhz system:

Steve Solie has his AmigaOne X500 system here too:

Tony, Brian and Steve chatting:

Andy, bill, tony, Brian chatting with Valiant's X1000 in the foreground:

Valiant's sam440 has some issues and he is working on it:

Paul 'Pjsx1k' has his sam440 system:

My Amigaos 4.1.6 classic build on winuae beta 20 running on my late 2013 macbookpro.

Exciting to have so many AmigaOS4 systems around today, with more to come the a weekend! Please come along to Amiwest this year - would love to meet all Amiga fans while I am here!

Ok, time to start learning now from Steve and Andy so I will do another update later!


  1. awesome stuff & wish I could have made it down! looks like the setup for a great show & praying we get full 3D for our HD Radeons :-)

  2. How well is classic running on the macbookpro?

  3. Wish I could be there as a relatively new AOS 4 user (AmigaOne 500 is my first Amiga ever, have it since Summer 2013). But AmiWest is too far away for me :( As a 22 year old, I can't really afford to fly all the way to AmiWest from Europe.

  4. I didn't know OS4.1 ran on ANY laptop...could you please do a column/blog post on how this was accomplished?


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