Sunday 26 October 2014

Amiwest 2014 - Saturday

It is a busy day here at Amiwest 2014!

So many Amigas and plenty of interest in the systems I brought along, as well as some interesting announcements from Trevor and Steve Solie.

The announcement of AmigaOS 4.1 Final to be released by the end of this year as a paid upgrade.

Trevor introduced Amistore, radiance and showed the x5000 running Linux and AmigaOS4.1 - as always with the boing ball shoes and tie!

Talking about the Radiance suite:

Amistore video presentation:

The new Sam460cr model was mentioned today.

The acquisition of by A-Eon was also mentioned, meaning that both and are both now owned by A-Eon.

The first commercial xorro expansion for the x1000 was also mentioned, due to go on sale in early 2015 a serial logger:

Hyperion's tables with systems running AmigaOS4.1 final edition:

Another table running AmigaOS4.1 system with an a1200 next to it being setup:

Andy (broad blues) did a good presentation of Radiance suite, covering each of the software included in it:

Workbench Candi demo:

Personal Paint 7.3 for AmigaOS4.1 demo also done by Andy:

Recent classic Amiga game Solid Gold running on the Minimig core on a Chameleon64 fpga:

Robert was busy recording the seminar presentations as always:

Amigakit/A-EON table:

Mike's daughter playing Pang on the Minimig at my table:

I had plenty of questions about MorphOS and the Minimig during the day which is great! 

Here is my MorphOS PowerBook viewing one of my YouTube videos:

Bill (tekmage) then ran through the latest games released for Amiga in 2014.

Bill demonstrating Voxelnoid:

It has been a great day which has just wrapped up! The banquet is still to follow tonight with another update to follow later!


  1. Hey Oscar! Glad you made it to the show! Hope you get your SAM460 straightened out!

  2. very nice.... a-eon seems to by every amiga site and what is more, they try to by and keep everything possible....not only to keep the faith alive but intent to bring amiga on top of the multimedia computing business...even hyperion developers and hdrlab may get their monthly
    payments in order to keep things running.....trevor's greatest wish: to bring back reputation to
    Amiga it really deserves.....above wintel and make Amiga the nr.1 choice for everything in the digital world....Trevor seems to be the new Jack tramiel....

  3. thanks for great coverage Epsilon :)


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