Tuesday 11 November 2014

AMIStore released and new Applications for X1000

Today AMIStore App Store was released on AmigaOS4.1 - regular blog readers will know I have already tried out a sneak preview of AMIStore, but now I can run the released version, purchase and try out some of the new applications, drivers and utilities on my X1000!

You can download AMIStore from www.amistore.net. I covered the features and installation AMIStore in my previous blog entry here so I won't repeat it again here...

This now is the release version of AMIStore for the public, running on my X1000:

 I even have a few friends now on AMIStore after meeting many Amigans at AmiWest 2014 last month! Will be adding more friends soon!

Needless to say it didn't take me long to start buying stuff on AMIStore:

 First cab off the rank was the new Radeon HD 2.4 driver for AmigaOS4.1 from A-EON:

Here is the downloaded Driver, ready for installation:

The Installation process for Radeon HD 2.4 driver is very simple, with a reboot at the end:

The updated MPlayer is not available on AmiStore yet, but even with the old version of LiveForIt's MPlayer I felt that the playback of video was improved with the new driver - fullscreen HD 720p video (Girls Generation) on the left screen, DOpus 5.9 screen on the right (click to expand):

Next I downloaded CANDI (by Entwickler-X) from AMIStore, and here is the extracted folder with a number of different Workbench animated backdrops to try out:

The DefaultLight animated backdrop looks nice (click to expand):

I really like the RedLight animated backdrop (click to expand):

I then added this to my WBStartup so it is run on boot each time:

Next I briefly tried out NemoSound (by Lyle Haze), which allows control of the onboard X1000 sound card specifically, allowing monitoring and recording of input ports as well as the master volume control to turn up/down or mute the audio from the X1000:

This is the Control UI for NemoSound:

Next I tried Andy Broad (Broadblues) upgraded Personal Paint 7.3 native AmigaOS4 PPC version from AmiStore:

The initial view is definitely Personal Paint, but now upgraded in 2014:

You can modify the Image format to make use of the large real estate on HD screens (click to expand):

I loaded an example image into Personal Paint to show it off - it supports many different graphic file formats (click to expand any photos):

The zTools Suite from zzd10h is also on AMIStore and very reasonably priced - I also grabbed this:

The suite is broken down into Dockies, Multimedia programs and Utilities. He has certainly written a lot of useful utilities over the past few years for AmigaOS4.1 and it is goods to see them in a bundle like this. The Readme shows all the utilities on offer:

I can't possibly cover all the Utilities today, but here is a small sample. Below is a screen grab of the GFX Card Docky in action, showing memory used and free, current screen resolution and model number:

Another of the zTools utilities is SysMon, which monitors your system and even can benchmark your AmigaOS4.1 system:

SysMon showing the X1000 system information, including the upgraded RadeonHD 2.4 driver:

SysMon showing running applications:

Showing the devices connected to my SATA controller on the X1000:

And finally showing the SYSMon benchmarking functionality, here running the RageMem benchmark:

I intend to explore more of these programs fully this coming weekend, so this is a brief glimpse of what to expect!

It is certainly an exciting time on AmigaOS4.1 with the launch of AMIStore, The App Store content purchase and delivery model finally arrives on AmigaOS4.1 (with AmigaOS3 to follow)! 

We now have released a number of new applications, games, drivers and utilities for AmigaOS4.1, and even some utilities like NemoSound especially for the X1000! This is just the beginning, with plenty of new content to follow no doubt in the months and years ahead.

Definitely download AMIStore if you run AmigaOS4.1! 

If you can, please start buying software on AMIStore and in so doing supporting the AmigaOS4.1 developers that create the software that keeps our Amiga systems interesting and moving forward in 2014! 

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